About Dr. Albert Ng


Dr. Albert S.Y. Ng is an optometrist who offers eye care and contact lenses for all ages.

We care about your overall eye health and vision.  To give you the best care possible, Dr. Albert Ng’s teams are licensed to examine your eyes using the latest equipment.  We can work together to give you the best care quickly and efficiently.

Dr. Ng is a particularly effective health care practitioner due his combination of Extensive Training, Special Interest, Personal Experience and Time-Intensive and Care-Intensive approach.

AOK Eye Retainer

As we age, the eyeball grows longer.  Eventually it is hard to focus on things nearby, and glasses are required for reading.  But consider you only use your eyes while you are awake.  The eye brace takes a page from the science of orthodontist, and use gradual pressure over time to reshape the eyeball, turning back the clock to the teenage years of your eye.  The eye brace uses soft pads and a device to wrap around the head.  We monitor your progress and gradually change the setting on the eye brace.  Many uses have commented that on first waking, their vision is normal fro an hour or two.  Eventually those two hours stretch into the whole day, with repeated use.  Correct your vision naturally with AOK Eye Braces and “Throw your glasses away”!

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